Woodbine Restaurant

If you thought that the Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto had nothing more to offer than horse races, you would be in the wrong. Casino Woodbine offers more than 2,900 slot machines and over 100 live table games, and it’s open 24/7.

In addition to top-tier games, this establishment offers a restaurant service with lots of casual dining options. We recommend you try the buffet or one of the fast-food options, as the visitors highly praise them. Also, you can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, which come at no cost at the restaurant for an additional level of personal service.

Delta Bingo and Gaming Downsview – Casino & Restaurant

If you enjoy playing bingo games and jackpots at casinos, you might want to consider dropping by Delta Bingo and Gaming Downsview in Toronto. In addition to an exceptional number of these casino games, this venue also offers an exquisite restaurant experience.

The sessions are typically two hours long, so you do not need to leave in case you feel like grabbing a bite at a restaurant. We recommend trying something from the Turbo or Treats menu, and their specialty coffee or tea, or one of the fruit smoothies. You won’t be disappointed.

Delta Bingo and Gaming St Clair – Casino & Restaurant

Delta Bingo and Gaming St Clair brings you the best of what a restaurant and casino can offer. This establishment brings you a couple of the most popular casino games– bingo and jackpots. The sessions last for approximately two hours, so you might get hungry.

However, there’s no need to leave the premises. There are plenty of delicious drinks, food, and snack options here. Note, though, that you need to be 19 or older to be served alcohol. The bar staff is extremely professional and helpful, and they have been getting nothing short of stellar reviews. 

Dolphin Gaming Casino & Restaurant

Dolphin Gaming is an ideal place for anyone looking for a fantastic casino and restaurant experience in Toronto. It features one of the most popular brick and mortar casino games, Bingo, and all the latest Tap ‘N Play releases. It’s open seven days a week, and you have to be 18 or older to play.

Also, you do not need to head over to a nearby restaurant to grab something to eat. Nachos, calamari, wings, burgers, chicken fingers and lots more await you in the lounge. But that’s not all. Draft beer and an excellent wine selection are there to accompany them.