Jail for man who said Nigerian gang forced him to import drugs then killed his father

A MAN who falsely claimed a gang murdered his dad and forced him to smuggle drugs into Britain has been jailed.

Obinna Okeke, 35, of Challice Way, Streatham Hill, was found guilty of importation of Class A drugs and possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply at Inner London Crown Court on August 15.

Okeke claimed he was made to peddle the drugs after a Nigerian gang kidnapped and killed his father because he couldn’t pay back a £20k loan.

His story was disproved in a five-day trial after joint investigations by the police, Nigerian authority and Interpol.

Police in Lambeth found more than £200k worth of cocaine hidden inside picture frames in a parcel send to Okeke from Peru on June 26 last year.

In his house, officers found more cocaine and £4,000 in cash. Okeke was taken into police custody and charged later that day with drugs offences.

Detective Constable Kieron Norris, from Lambeth CID, who investigated the case said: “I believe that Okeke fabricated the story that he was being forced into accepting the drugs by a gang in Nigeria in the hope that he would then avoid punishment for importing the drugs.

“However, when we investigated the claims, we could find absolutely no evidence to back them up and a jury has found him guilty.

“I hope this sentence sends a strong message to anyone thinking about involving themselves in the importation of drugs; it is an extremely serious offence and you will face a lengthy time behind bars if you are caught.”