Whose face would you like to see on a Brixton pound banknote?

THE BRIXTON POUND is searching for a local hero to follow in the footsteps of David Bowie and Olive Morris by starring on a special edition of the banknotes.

Nominations are now open to decide who will this year be the new face of the local currency, in celebration of its’ fifth anniversary.

Normally an honour reserved only for famous Brixtonites, the notes will this feature a local person who has contributed to the area – anyone from street cleaners to campaigners.

Tom Shakhli, Brixton Pound Engagement Manager, said: “We feel that heroes should not be the preserve of the famous or public figure. We believe there are heroes on every street in Brixton.”

Who do you want to see on the new banknotes?

Email your nominations to info@brixtonpound.org with the word HERO in the subject, your nomination and why.