41 arrests in one day in Lambeth, the highest amount in south-east London, as part of police operation

CRACK cocaine, a firearm, cannabis, and a stolen vehicle have been discovered by police in Lambeth as part of crime crackdown ‘Operation Big Wing’, which netted 545 arrests across London on Wednesday.

A total of 41 arrests were made in Lambeth – the highest amount in south-east London – as part of a drive against knife crime by police. –

A 64-year-old woman and two men, 18 and 35, were arrested after police discovered a large quantity of crack cocaine and cannabis along with a stolen moped and a firearm at an address in Kenchester Close.

The firearm was found stashed under the stairs inside a plastic bag, the crack was discovered in a bedroom and cannabis plants were growing in the kitchen.

Officers discovered the moped, previously reported as lost or stolen, in the back garden. All three suspects are currently in custody.

Temporary Detective Chief Superintendent Gordon Allison, Head of Trident, which leads the MPS response to gang and serious youth violence, said: “Our primary aim is keeping Londoners safe. We have seen significant reductions in both gun and knife crime in recent years, however we recognise that knife crime continues to have a considerable impact on London – In 2013/14, over 50% of murders were committed with knives in comparison with 12% involving a firearm and 43% of the UK’s knife related offences take place in the capital.
“We support government proposals for tougher sentencing for knife crime offenders, and this week’s big wing gives us an opportunity to highlight some of our enforcement and prevention work.”
Commander Stephen Watson, leading today’s Operation Big Wing, said: “Knife crime cuts across several crime types such as robbery, burglary and gang crime. Work continues day in and day out alongside our partners to target those responsible but highly visible operations such as Operation Big Wing play a major part in the fight against all crime across London.”