Police seize crack, heroin and weapons from Notre Dame Estate in Clapham Common

CRACK cocaine, heroin and weapons have been seized by police in a drugs swoop in Clapham Common.

Axes, hammers, sharpened metal poles and a hoard of class A drugs were found at Notre Dame Estate by Clapham Common Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) on June 17.

Officers discovered around 70 rocks of crack cocaine and 20 rocks of heroin stashed inside cupboards in a communal area on the estate after receiving intelligence that drugs and weapons were being hidden on the estate.

Acting Sergeant Steven Dowman, from the Clapham Common SNT said: “We received recent intelligence that drugs were being kept on the estate and we’ve managed to seize a large quantity of crack and heroin, which is now off the streets and out of the hands of drug dealers.

“The axes, hammers and metal poles we found were almost certainly being stored there to be used at weapons at some stage, so we’ve also denied anybody the use of these in the future.

“I want to reassure the local residents and community that we will continue to work with them to tackle drug dealing. If we receive any information about drugs or drug dealing, then we will take appropriate action and will look to identify and arrest any individuals that are involved in drug dealing in and around the Clapham Common area.”

Anyone with information about drugs in the area can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.