Police still hunting mini-cab driver who attacked Clapham woman

An unlicensed mini-cab driver who attacked former MP Chris Huhne’s daughter in Clapham has still not been caught.

Lydia Huhne was leaving a nightclub near Queenstown Road, Clapham in the early hours of Sunday February 9 when an unlicensed mini-cab stopped for her. She had considered walking home to nearby Clapham North but then decided it would be safer to take the taxi.

During the short journey the driver locked all the doors, pulled over, clambered into the backseat and groped her. The 24-year-old actress head-butted him and then threatened him with a Stanley knife. “Of course I didn’t have a Stanley knife, I thought I was in a James Bond film or something –I don’t know where that came from,” Ms Huhne recalled. “I’ve done stage combat and somehow I managed to fight him off, he unlocked the door and I sprinted home. I didn’t call the police until the next day but I just kept vomiting and shaking,” Ms Huhne said.

Ms Huhne said she was speaking out to raise awareness about the dangers of getting in any car that hasn’t been pre-booked. “Except for black cabs, it’s so dangerous to get in a car you haven’t booked. Don’t be on your own; it’s not worth it,” she said. “It’s good to be aware this happened locally because we have such a big night life scene, which is great for bringing money and people into the area, but you get people jumping on any prey; there’s some horrible stories about Lambeth in the evenings.”

The cab driver, who is described as a stocky Afro-Caribbean man, has not been caught, Ms Huhne said.

Scotland Yard said it is investigating an allegation of sexual assault by touching in Lambeth borough.

A spokesperson said: “The allegation relates to an incident in Lambeth in the early hours of Sunday, February 9.
“The incident is being invested by the sexual offences team based within the MPS Safer Transport Command.”

Witnesses are asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously.