Political brief – from Lambeth Town Hall



One of the things we know that has been poor in Lambeth for a long time is the state of our pavements and roads.

That is why two years ago we committed to investing an extra £7.5 million to bring them up to scratch, and we are beginning to see results. When this investment is combined with the Neighbourhood Enhancement Plan, which gave residents decision making over how to improve their local environments, things are getting better and better.

Lambeth also works closely with London cycling campaign to offer more secure on-street bike storage, extra bike lanes and offered free cycle confidence training. As part of the improvements we are currently planning to make Lambeth a 20 mile per hour borough – which will help cyclists and pedestrians alike. One of our biggest transport projects will be the proposed removal of the congested Vauxhall gyratory, and how we can transform this into a vibrant high street lined with shops which is both cycle friendly and importantly a good interchange for public transport users. Finally, our focus is not exclusively on pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

Drivers are seeing the results of our parking service overhaul – with thousands fewer cars being ticketed and towed. For example Lambeth Council expects to have issued 67,000 fewer parking tickets by the end of this financial year than in 2009/10. Businesses will also receive a boost next month when our new all zone permit is introduced, allowing users to park in any Lambeth bay – giving extra flexibility at the request of local traders.



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