Casa Morita: Morita draws more eaters


Casa Morita

9 Market Row


Phone: 0208 127 5107

Nothing beats authentic Mexican food, in my books. It’s a cuisine that perfectly encompasses the sandy shorelines of its homeland, the chaos and colour of its markets, the fiesta spirit that explodes from its nightlife. And yet, a long way from home in Brixton Village, good Mexican food is thriving at Casa Morita.

Forget your Mexicana chains where every dish is a carbo-loaded fifty shades of beige. Casa Morita perfects the fresh and the flavourful with creamy guacamole, spicy homemade salsa, crispy tortillas and salt-rimmed Margaritas that balance a tart, citrus flavour with just enough hearty kick of tequila.

The menu is simple and straightforward and everything looks inviting, which is the general theme of the casa; the wait staff are attentive and friendly but the atmosphere is cool and buzzing. The enchiladas suizas with shredded chicken (£8.75) are truly sumptuous, layering crisp lightly-fried tortillas over mouth-watering chicken, topped with feta and encircled by a pool of spicy green tomato salsa that leaves a piquant taste lingering on the palate. On the other side of the table, my vegetarian dinner guest tucked into a tostada (£4.50 for one filling, £5.50 with two or more fillings), a vibrant mountain of refried beans, fresh salad, guacamole, feta cheese and crunchy tortilla.

There’s just two dessert options: lemon flan (£2.75) and chilli chocolate cake (£3.75); both are delightful, though at the end of a filling, spicy meal, the lighter citrus flan is probably more advisable. Serving up Mezcal margaritas (£5) and Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (£3.50 per glass, £13 per bottle) to wash it all down with, the Casa has truly made this house a home.


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