Brixton Bolt: Fastest folk in Brixton crowned

Bolt - 1 women winner actual

Byron Robinson (pictured below in red top) and Laurice Laird (pictured above) were officially crowned the fastest man and woman in Brixton on August 4 after running 50 metres of Pope’s Road in 10.44 and 15.21 seconds respectively at this year’s Brixton Bolt.

Bolt - 7 men's final red top winner blog

Organiser Tom Shakhli said he was “really pleased” with how the event had gone, especially the addition of two new categories – the under 3s and under 6s. He said: “There was a really nice family atmosphere, but people were taking it quite seriously too.”

 Bolt - 32 over 40s winner blog

Paul Marriot, over 40s winner, 12.92 seconds

Bolt - 29 3 year olds racing blog

Under 3s, joint winners: Justiano Rockword and Riley Dennis Thompson

Bolt - 10 - kids winnings blog


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