More free music at More London


A smorgasbord of music greats will be ringing in and singing in the summer as part of this year’s Scoop at More London. The sunken outdoor riverside amphitheatre on the South Bank of the Thames, opposite the Tower of London, seats 1000 people and will come alive with industry greats and emerging artists as part of the music component of the free festival.

As part of the festival’s eleven year anniversary the four weeks of live music performances will feature session musicians and singers from the AllStars collective headlining every Friday. The 13-piece who performed at the Olympics opening ceremony last year, work as back-up singers in major pop concerts across the country and specialise in funk and soul.

Paul Pacifico, who owns the company that manages the AllStars and plays in blues band Pacifico Blues –also on this year’s line-up- describes the festival as a high-calibre music experience that people wouldn’t find at commercial festivals.

“The whole idea is to create a music experience and it’s deliberately eclectic,” Paul says. “It’s organised by people in the industry and we have a track record of hosting performances by people just before they get signed.” He quotes rising star Jo Harman, who’ll be playing a one-off gig, as a prime example.  “We booked her back in February and just a few weeks ago she was signed with Universal,” he tells. “Her music is really rootsy, cool and bluesy; she’s really good.”

Singer, songwriter and comedian Earl Okin is another one to watch out for this year, Paul suggests. “He’s a very quirky, funny and witty performer. Slightly Noel Coward-like, and his stuff is hilarious.”

Since it’s a free event the whole thing is staged on a shoestring budget with musicians participating purely for their love of the music and the event, Paul says. “It’s genuinely world-class music with a fantastic atmosphere full of people dancing and a real cross-section of the community.”

The Scoop at More London runs from July 3-26 at More London Riverside, SE1 2DB (situated between HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge on the South Bank of the Thames).





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