Internal Terrains at Peckham’s Bussey Building


This June, experience dance like you’ve never seen it before with Internal Terrains; a performance that explores life as choreography.

Created by Natasha Davis, a London based international artist who leads a double life as a lecturer and PhD student, Internal Terrains is best described as a “mix of performance gestures, visual metaphors, film and original sounds,” the artist says. “It’s a story of migration and its impact on the mind and the body.”

The performance is inspired by Natasha’s own migration experience. Born in Croatia -then the former Yugoslavia- Natasha has lived in Greece, Serbia and the Syrian Desert. “Migration is a very isolating experience,” she tells. “I started engaging with art to come to terms with what happens and focus on the positive elements of migration as there are a lot of negative connotations with immigration.”

But this isn’t just a dance show, Natasha incorporates a range of different objects, most notably a giant stuffed crow. “I use a lot of objects that act as open metaphors for things that have happened, but everyone can interpret them in their own way,” she says. What’s more is that no two shows are ever the same, each performance is unique. “Every show is an opportunity to grow and develop. I’ve performed this around 12 times this year and they’ve never been the same,” she laughs.

Internal Terrains was in part developed through a collaboration with We Are London, a drama group for young migrants and their friends who take residence at the Ovalhouse theatre. “I always try and work with local organisations and it was fantastic working with the young people over at Ovalhouse and exchange stories of migration. It really is a shared experience.”

Internal Terrains will be on at The Gallery, CLF Arts at the Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST on June 19 and 20, from 7.30pm. Admission: £14, previews £7, concessions £10/£8. Phone: 020 7582 7680.


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