The loo-vre? Art gallery for Kennington toilet

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An underground toilet block in Kennington Cross is now open for business as an arts venue after having electricity and water installed in March.

Development on the ArtsLav went down the drain for more than two years after Transport for London and UK Power Networks blocked progress over digging up the road to install the lines.

The Grade II-listed 19th century privy is a multi-purpose space that can be used by local residents, charities and community groups for meetings, exhibitions, rehearsals and theatre productions.

The project was initiated and developed by community group Friends of Kennington Cross (FOKX) in 2001, and received funding from Lambeth Council in 2005.

The space is now open to the community on a booking basis, and potential future events at the venue include a theatre show, a pop-up whisky bar and a Chelsea College of Art and Design show.

Troy Norcross, Chairperson for FOKX, said: “It is a really great place for the community to come together.”

We think it’s a lav-ly idea.

For more information visit or email RM

One thought on “The loo-vre? Art gallery for Kennington toilet

  1. Just to be clear – UK Power Networks and TfL were all very helpful – as were the local Lambeth Councillors. There was a fair amount of bureaucracy we had to navigate – but once we all got aligned things went very quickly.


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