Michael Winslow: From Sergeant Motormouth to Noizeyman


Police Academy’s Michael Winslow who brought us the thousand sounds of Sergeant Motor Mouth Jones, is returning to the Southbank Centre for one of his favourite festivals, the Udderbelly.

“I don’t get to do things like this in America; there’s such a big sense of community,” he says. “This show will be a bit louder than last time, with more music. Folks come with their own sounds now, which is fantastic. I never thought I’d have people making noises and showing them to me!”

Growing up in an Airforce family, Michael moved around a lot as a kid and struggled to make friends, which lead him into inventing imaginary friends and pets and all the sound effects that go with this. “I found both people and animals didn’t know how to react and that was half the fun,” he laughs. He moved into experimenting with beatbox sound effects long before it became cool. “Now it’s an art-form so I’m going to have to raise the bar again,” he says.

Touring from South Africa to Seattle, Michael says he’s fortunate that his work has no language barrier. “Everyone makes noises, and I encourage everyone to try this at home; you will have a lot of fun,” he promises. With a Police Academy 8 in the works, the actor, who has also been featured in Family Guy and the Simpsons, will be loaning his abilities to the film franchise once more.

When asked what his favourite sound effect is, he replies that it’s easily the one he uses when he’s on the receiving end of a sales call. “I pretend I’m house-keeping from a hotel and I do a Mexican accent and make it sound like there’s dogs barking. They don’t call back. I recommend everyone practising that skill because it’s very useful!”

Michael’s show Noizeyman is at the Udderbelly Festival inside the Priceless London Wonderground in Jubilee Gardens, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX, until May 4. Admission: £17.50. https://www.underbelly.co.uk The Udderbelly Festival runs until July.




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