Streatham by Sea? Council proposes families move to Margate

Margate cropped

Fancy swapping Brixton for the beach? It probably sounds good given the current climate, although unfortunately we’re not talking the Bahamas.

Lambeth Council is offering to put those in need of temporary accommodation up in the seaside town of Margate instead of Norwood or Oval, as a way of saving money.

It’ll be the first time the council has moved people outside of London, although they have previously placed them in other London boroughs.

A Lambeth council spokesperson said: “Like many councils, we have a shortage of temporary accommodation and would welcome any funding support from central government to help us provide homes for those in need.

“One of the options we have for meeting the challenge of helping those in need of temporary accommodation is to offer them the option of staying in homes outside of Lambeth, including a small number of properties in Margate.

“It is important to be clear that this is being done on a voluntary basis. If a resident declines the offer to move to Kent, they would not be forced to do so.”

Of 29 properties they were offered in Margate the council chose to use four, and will retain responsibility for the families housed there.


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