Taking the gay scene beyond the bars with Gay4Play

chris 3

Having just launched ‘inclusive’ events and activities company Gay4Play in London, Clapham’s Chris Daniels is fine-tuning his gadar on Southwark and Lambeth for his new regular Weekender column.

His London extension of Gay4Play follows on from the success of the brand in Australia, which started up five years ago and now has 5000 members and a representative in every capital city.

“It’s the brainchild of my friend. He was looking for something different that the scene doesn’t normally provide and it just got popular very quickly,” Chris says. Though the tagline is “beyond the bars” he’s quick to point out it’s not a teetotal organisation; “it’s not AA or any of that I assure you!”

After launching the UK website in January Gay4Play quickly gained momentum. “Our principle value is inclusiveness,” Chris says. “We want to create something that bridges the LGBT because they’re all very separate. The lesbians don’t really mix with the gays and vice versa but we’re actually in a new age where there’s less prejudice and people want to mix more.”

While there are plenty of companies tackling niche markets, Gay4Play is aiming to be open to all, he says. “We’re doing something more general, we’ve got events based around action, culture, movies, dinners, wine tours, and there’ll be things going on on a weekly basis.”



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