New gin joint opens on Bermondsey St

Gin Flight

A gin revival is in full swing according to new gin bar 214 Bermondsey, which opens its doors to the public tonight. Naturally it’s overdue as it comes 500 years after King Henry VIII introduced a charge to cross London Bridge causing the gin houses to desert the city in favour of the West End.

The new kid on the block gin and cocktail bar 214 Bermondsey is offering up a range of nearly 50 varieties and boutique brands with gin from America’s West Coast, Holland and even Jensen’s Old Tom, made down the road in Bermondsey.

“No two gins are the same so to enhance their unique flavours we have created 214 tonic water, finding that the addition of this to any gin transforms a classic G&T,” says owner Nick Crispini.

214 is housed in the basement of Antico restaurant, 214 Bermondsey St. For more information follow 214 Bermondsey on twitter @214Bermondsey or visit their website


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