Six of the best…hangover cures

As we approach the tail end of the silly season most of us are likely to be feeling a little worse for wear, with our livers crying out for relief from the Christmas spirit(s). Steady on though, because you’ve still got New Year’s Eve to get through, and a good hangover cure is for life, not just for Christmas. Everyone has their own tried and tested methods (generally Paracetamol, Lucozade, sleep and regret), though some are more unorthodox than others: hard drinking journalist Hunter Thompson’s hangover cure was “12 poppers and as many beers as necessary”. Here we give you Lambeth’s best six.

Best for…hair of the dog that bit you
The Bloody Mary is renowned for its restorative qualities. The vitamins in the tomato juice and celery, combined with a splash of spicy tabasco and some cracked pepper is a winning combination. Be warned though, while the shot of vodka will prolong and numb the pain, the hangover will still be waiting for you at the end of the cocktail! The Vauxhall Griffin claims to mix the best Bloody Marys in South London for £5.80, so why not put them to the test?
Vauxhall Griffin, 8 Wyvil Rd, SW8 2TH. 020 7622 0222.

Bloody Mary Coctail with celery stalk and pitcher.

Best for… a steamy detox
The Russians swear by saunas for sweating out a hangover and considering it’s estimated that every person consumes 32 pints of pure alcohol per year, the Russians seem like a good authority on the topic. A good rule of thumb is if you’re feeling well enough to go to the gym (or sober enough to drive/walk to the gym) then it’s worth a try as a way to detox and remove the toxins from your body while also encouraging mass water intake. For those who can’t handle the heat, Little Jannah have infrared saunas, which run at a much lower temperature, allowing you to stay in for longer.
Little Jannah, 530-532 Streatham High Road, SW16 3QF, 0208 765 9443.


Best for…a cold shock
There’s nothing like a brisk outdoor swim, in the sea or an outdoor pool, to get the blood pumping. To kickstart your recovery, why not visit the Brockwell Lido? Jumping into the icy water will give you an adrenaline rush, thus raising your capacity to overcome the hangover. Maybe stay in the slow lane though; the serious swimmers don’t have time for such antics.
Brockwell Lido, Dulwich Road, SE24 0PA. 020 7274 3088.

COLD SHOCK brockwell lido

Best for… a breath of fresh air
Sometimes getting out of bed is half the battle. Dusting off your self-pity and going out into the world where the sober people roam for some light exercise and fresh air is one of the simplest ways to overcome the post-party blues. Norwood Park is one of the highest points in Lambeth offering spectacular views of the city, an outdoor gym, table tennis… and a café for when the outdoorsy optimism all gets too much!
Norwood Park, Salters Hill, SE19 1DZ.

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR norwood park

Best for… a fry-up
After asking our Twitter followers where to get the best fry-up in Lambeth we were bombarded with answers from our loyal readers; when it comes to a post-booze breakfast these guys do not mess around! Streatham has a few favourites, among them Life café , The Common café and bistro, Greyhound café and Vivaldi, while Lara’s and Steve’s cafés on Norwood Road are apparently “brilliant” for a fry-up. But Brixton’s Duck Egg café came out as the favourite; if you like your eggs, this is the place to go with the option of duck or hen’s eggs cooked every single way imaginable as well as the classic full English on offer.
Duck Egg café, 424 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LF. 020 7274 8972

FRY UP full english breakfast

Best for… when things really turn sour
Looking to the Eastern Europeans again for battling the booze blues, the Polish drink sour pickle juice to replenish the salts the body has lost from over-consumption of alcohol. Soured milk and pickled herring are other common cures, but if you can’t stomach that there’s always Zurek, a rye-based sour soup that’s traditionally served at the end of a wedding to sober up the guests. You can find it at Zapiecek in Streatham.
Zapiecek, 114 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5RN. 07988 665332



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