Egg-static Easter gifts

The Weekender’s top pick of eggs for this Easter…


Rabot Estate Easter Hat Box: £25
A selection of 19 of Hotel Chocolat’s finest chocolates in milk, dark and white chocolate – with pink champagne truffles, cherry bombe, vanilla, pecan praline and more.

Rabot Estate 1745 The Connoisseur: £30
Fine and rare cocoa with shells filled with an array of egglets including 66 percent Madagascar and Hacienda Iara truffles, Habenero chilli and Gran Couva pralines.

Image 388

Green and Black’s large egg collection: £9.99
Green and Black’s milk chocolate egg comes with two full sized bars of classic favourites butterscotch and raisin, and hazlenut while the dark egg is accompanied by more sophisticated flavours of ginger and burnt toffee.


Rococo Leaping Hare: £25
Beautifully presented in an ornate box the pastel painted leaping hare egg contains six ganaches and two chocolate squares.

Rococo Leaping Hare Size 3

Charbonnel et Walker 225g Dark Chocolate Selection Egg: £23
Handmade in the UK Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers. Renowned for their dark chocolate, these finely packaged eggs are the ideal luxurious gift.

charbonnel Dark-chocolate-egg-dark-chocolates

Divine milk chocolate easter egg: £3
Divine milk chocolate bees with a honeycomb crunch: £4

Divine’s Easter Eggs are perfect for those looking to be ethical this Easter. Made from high-quality cocoa free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives they are also suitable for vegetarians. No plastic packaging is used while the cardboard is sustainably sourced and fully recyclable; the foil is also recyclable.

divine bees


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