The honest truth


There are very few things that can tackle a dirty thumping hangover. A plump burger with steaming chips and an ice cream float are definitely up there on the list of remedies.

So, having washed down a couple of aspirin with a glass of fizzy pop after a particularly fragile morning which involved lingering over a toilet bowl for some time, I was ready to brave the cool for school Brixton Village crowds.

Honest Burgers is one of the more popular restaurant ventures in the heaving indoor market which attracts lines of hipsters queuing patiently to get a table in the tiny unit which seats just 30 people.

Joining me on my lunch date was my baby niece who was more interested in getting some shut eye than soaking up the sights of SW2, and my big sis.

We were seated on the bench outside the unit and the smiley, relaxed staff buzzed around unfazed by the buggie which they slotted between tables.

My mouth, as dry as Ryvita was healed with the homemade lemonade float with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream.

The compact dry aged Honest beef burger arrived on my plate via the north Yorkshire Moors courtesy of the The Ginger Pig, who supply the meat and have a shop in Borough Market.

Embellished with red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature chedder, pickled cucumber and lettuce, the burger was succulent, sweet and salty.

Melt in your mouth onion relish alongside the thick crisp pig complemented the quality minced beef perfectly.

Yummy mummy’s special was a little hot to handle with the butter braised chillis and jalapeno puree but also tangy with the chunky chorizo and creamy melted manchego cheese.

With the specials changing every few weeks, there’s plenty of new combinations to choose from and the burger joint also caters for veggies with the cauliflower, sweetcorn and shallot spiced fritter with cucumber yoghurt.

They also offer a chicken alternative too, try the crispy fennel, white cabbage, carrot and parsley slaw as a side which is light and refreshing.

Burgers are served on toasted glazed buns with thrice cooked crispy on the outside and heavenly fluffy on the inside chips beautifully seasoned with rosemary salt.

Glorious good quality grub is served up at Honest burger which fills up very quickly, they don’t take bookings so turn up nice and early or be prepared to wait for a table.

The Damage
Honest burger £8.95
Special £11.50
Fennel slaw £2.50
Homemade lemonade with scoop of ice cream £3
Homemade lemonade £2
Total £27.95

Food 4
Ambience 4
Value 4
Disabled Access Only for outside tables
Disabled Toilet No
Pre-booking No


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