Aussie band Dallas Frasca comes to Streatham

It won’t just be Clapham that’ll be swamped with Aussies swilling Fosters, brandishing flags and singing along to Aussie hits this Australia Day, writes Laura Burgoine…

Streatham’s White Lion (owned and run by Australian expat Oz Bayldon) is holding a live performance headlined by a new wonder from Down Under, Dallas Frasca and her rock band from Melbourne, who Slash from Guns and Roses just won’t stop raving about.

This will be lead singer Dallas’ first performance in England and since Australia Day coincides with her birthday she’s doubly pumped for the show. “It’s gonna be a big bogan fest, I reckon; we are totally looking forward to it,” she enthuses. Bogans are the raucous, beer and flipflops-type of Australian, so watch out Streatham!

In the last couple of years the band has shifted away from live gigging to focus on song-writing and recording. “I had this big moment where my guitarist was playing this incredible stuff for me and I realised audiences were only seeing ten percent of what we’re musically capable of,” Dallas explains. “We took about four months off gigging and poured everything into our song writing”.

After meeting a producer at a musical festival in Australia, Dallas, guitarist Jeff Curran and drummer Samuel Lukies set off for Brooklyn, New York to record their second album, Sound Painter. “We work with good people and it’s about the energy they bring to the table not how many albums they’ve produced or their contacts,” Dallas says.

“Recording in New York made us work all that much harder since we were taking a big financial risk, but it was just amazing”. Hailing from country Victoria, having the opportunity to play music all over the world is still a huge thrill for Dallas. “My Dad was a truck driver and I can remember sitting in the truck as a kid and fantasizing about foreign cities and places and I often feel like I’m doing the same thing, just in a tour van,” she laughs. “When you’re playing music every night it’s kind of like New Year’s Eve every night of the week!”

DALLAS FRASCA - band - horizontal


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